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The Politician's Love Story - The Politician's Love Story - (1909)

Politician's Love Story, A (1909)
** 1/2 (out of 4)
A dirty politician sees a comic spoof of himself in the newspaper so he goes out to kill the cartoonist. Mack Sennett shows up in this Griffith short, which is mildly amusing with a few nice laughs as the crazy man rips through the newsroom looking for the man he wants to kill.
Jones Have Amateur Theatricals, The (1909)
** (out of 4)
A theatrical family gather together to act for one another. I think that's what this Griffith comedy is about but it's rather hard to gather what the film is going for. There are a couple smiles giving but not any laughs.
The Politician
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The Politician's Love Story - The Politician's Love Story - (1909)
Качество: DVD
Год: 1909
Страна: США
Режиссер: Дэвид Уорк Гриффит
Просмотры: 520
В ролях: Мэрион Леонард, Мак Сеннет, Флоренс Лоуренс, Анита Хендри, Линда Арвидсон, Херберт Прайор, Джордж Гебхардт, Кэтлин Уильямс, Дэвид Уорк Гриффит, Ли Догерти
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